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Jasmine Kok
24 October 2010 @ 07:50 pm

IT’S SO GREAT TO BE BACK. I hope everyone has been doing well! Mock exam is finally over and I have one week of holiday break! It feels so great to be finally able to just take a moment and relax :D The whole past 2-3 weeks has been very stressful for most of us because of mock exam, but I’m just glad that it’s all over now. Also, mock exam was rather harsh on us, not even gonna get started on how tough and suicidal the paper was, lol.

I had a great time after our final mock paper and a whole bunch of us decided to go to Ikea to celebrate! I’m sure most people will be wondering “Who the heck goes to Ikea to celebrate?!”. LOL! We honestly went there because we were craving for meatballs! So we drove from Sunway college and all the way down to Ikea and stopped by Amanda’s house along the way.

It was also Kok Weng’s first time to Ikea since he’s from Tanjung Malim, so we decided to give him a mini tour around Ikea (and eventually the Damansara shopping area), haha. So we had our yummy lunch in Ikea and THE DAIM CAKE WAS HEAVEN! I missed eating it so much and it was just so ridiculously delicious when I ate it :D 

[My portion of lunch which consisted of ham sandwich, meatballs and Daim Cake :D]


[The whole bunch of us outside the Ikea building]

And after Ikea, we decided to head down to Bentley Music building which was next to Ikea. Bentley Music building is this really HUGE music shop where they sell the finest music instruments, no joke. Eugene wanted to go there and see the grand piano, so we decided to stop by there a while. Liyana also decided to just play one of the guitars to the song of “Back to December” by Taylor Swift. 


[Eugene playing The Flight of Bumbleebee on the grand piano in Bentley Music]

[Liyana & Eugene trying out the guitars]

After Bentley, we decided to go to The Curve shopping mall. But sadly it was drizzling, so we had to run across the road and head to Tesco instead! Luckily the Curve is connected to Tesco, so we can easily just cross over (: At The Curve, we decided to go sing karaoke! It was very uncalled for and a sudden decision, but we had tons of fun! Also, it was Wei Kin’s first time singing karaoke, LOL! We sang almost any type of songs and even Justin Bieber’s “Baby” even when we all hated the song so much! 

[Our another group photo at the end of our karaoke session]

Overall, it was just a really great outing and I’m glad all of us could make it :) Thanks to Amanda, Liyana, Eugene, Wei Kin, Ming Jet, Jay Shen, Kok Weng and Shu Yuan who made this outing possible :D

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Jasmine Kok
07 October 2010 @ 09:41 pm

I haven’t been blogging for a month! Apologies to everyone who actually keeps up with my blog. Also, I’m truly sorry for not commenting on any of your posts in the past few weeks especially to shi_ern and aries11 ! All I can say is that I’ve been so busy these few weeks with completing assignments and homework due and studying for mock exam D: I hope you both are doing well these few weeks! :D

Mock exam is in 2 weeks and that’s really nerve wrecking. All the lecturers keep pressuring us and tell us how hard our paper will be, and clearly that does not help at all. I’ve been trying to complete writing notes for my whole T5 paper syllabus & I’m down to 3 more chaps to go. And I’ve yet to revise my other papers and everything else, SO MUCH TO DO IN 2 WEEKS. At least one thing I’m glad is that I completed all my assignments and presentations, so that’s out of the way now.

Lately, I’ve been doing some self reflection and usually I do this when I’m out walking alone. I just have so much on my mind these days and other things that distract me from focusing on my studies. Sometimes, I just end up stoning (a common phrase we use in college which stands for “basically doing nothing & stare in space”). But at the end of the day, I just end up rationalizing things in my head and I remind myself that the only thing that matters now is my studies. No matter how much I wish things would have worked out differently, I keep telling myself that some things are just fated. Worrying about little petty, unnecessary matters isn’t going to make me excel in exams or get me graduated from college. It was my very own wakeup call to reality. I have great friends around me in college; friends who make me very happy. And that made me feel contented with what I have now (:

Managed to catch up with my bestie, Kumsie at Sunway Pyramid yesterday and that made me really happy (: We talked so much the entire time and we shared so many stories ranging from studies to guys to friends. Talking to her has also made me realize a lot of things and how certain things are just fated the way it is. So thank you, Kumsie for the whole talk! (:

Anyway, I should get back to writing my T5 notes. I decided to do a little update to let everyone know I’m still safe and alive :D Hope everyone else is doing awesome too!
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Jasmine Kok
29 August 2010 @ 09:01 pm

It’s been two weeks since my last post, so I think it’s time for an update as August is coming to an end (:

Firstly, I made a new LJ friend 
aries11  :D Came across her LJ while I was commenting on shi_ern  post and decided to check out her LJ. And then I saw that gorgeous NCIS/Tiva banner she had and I knew I had to add her because it’s always great to meet new friends who share the same TV interest as me! :D So hello Kristen!! Thanks for the add! ;)

Speaking of which, can’t wait for NCIS and the rest of my fav TV shows to air back! Feels like forever since I enjoyed a new episode, so that’s one thing I’m glad when September is finally here! (: I’m still waiting on CBS releasing the promo video for NCIS Season 8, but guess that’ll be here a week or two before the premiere week D:

College is alright as usual and once again, I have my Progress Test 2 next week! I feel kinda bad that I’ve been slightly slacking as compared to my previous test, mainly because I’ve been so distracted with watching Digimon anime these days -.- Sometimes, I seriously wished that I had more self control and try to be more focus on my exams instead of being so obsessed with watching TV shows/animes etc.

Random fact of the week: I’ve been seeing the number 11:11 for 3 consecutive days in a row this week. I’ve never experienced that before but I thought it was pretty cool that I somehow managed to spot it for 3 days in a row :D My lecturer told me that if a person sees 11:11 often, it could mean that a tide of change is coming. LOL. I’m not sure how true that is, but everytime I managed to spot 11:11, I’d always make a wish (: Oh, that’s how kiddy I am sometimes, hehe (:

Growing up. Watching Digimon anime these days reminded me how much I miss my childhood days. I used to such a fanatic with my cousin sister back when I was like 11 or 12 years old. We’d used to draw the anime out and watch the series continuously. And today when I went through my cousin sister’s Facebook profile, I can’t believe how much she’ve grown up. She’s already 16 and that’s when I realize how much time flew by. It’s amazing to look back and see how everyone has changed within these years (:

Alright, that’s all the update from me this week :D I hope everyone else is doing equally well! Take care!
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Jasmine Kok
15 August 2010 @ 03:53 pm

Currently at Ikea Restaurant!

It's been such a long while since I last post anything here. Unfortunately, college has got me busy all week long and time flies too fast these days D: Well, let's see what happened in the past month so far.

Oh, just finished my Progress Test 1 in the first week of August! :) Didn't do too well for one of my papers, but I already expected it since I knew how much I screwed up the minute my paper ended, lol. Seriously thought I was gonna fail my first paper ever, but luckily I managed to scrap through with a 69.5 marks, haha! Still waiting for the results of my other papers tho :) Let's hope I do well for those.

My bunch of friends in college are still as crazy as ever :D We've been going out for movies every Friday since we don't have anymore classes after Moral Studies :D We watched Inception the other week and this week, we went to watch the Taiwanese show "Love in Disguise" which had LeeHom in it!

Speaking of movies, INCEPTION IS THE MOST FRIGGIN AWESOME, EPICALLY BRILLIANT AND MIND BLOWING MOVIE EVER. I just changed my LJ moodtheme to Inception :D Seriously, if this show doesn't bag as many awards as Avatar (which is nothing compared to Inception), I would lose hope in movieland. And if you haven't watch Inception, you have NO idea how much you're missing out on. Hans Zimmer also did the music score for this movie, so definitely a plus bonus! :D

I watched Inception twice in the cinemas tho. Once with my parents, and the other time with my college buddies. Still so epic even after watching the second time. Can't wait to get the DVD version of this movie, so I can make pretty graphics out of it :D AND OMG, JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT IS SO SEXAY IN THE MOVIE. 

In other news, I also cut my hair yesterday and got myself a little bit of fringe now :) And went to optical shop yesterday to get my eyes checked. And suprisingly, my eye power also went up by +25! Which is far better than I expected since I thought I would've murdered my eyes during my post- SPM break. And my parents ask me to try out contact lens, so I'm currently wearing them now. Still not so used to it, and it makes my eyes so tired D:

That's about it for now! Hope everyone else is doing great too! :D
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Jasmine Kok
17 July 2010 @ 01:40 pm

So 2 weeks back in college and all I can say is super busy! First week itself we already had homeworks piling up. New lecturers, new subjects and more homeworks.

Hmm. New lecturers are alright. Ms Yiong who teaches us T3 is the most efficient teacher I’ve EVER met. Like super duper efficient. She talks like a bullet train and she writes super fast and she can like triple multitask which is ridiculously amazing. I enjoy her classes a lot because her efficiency makes me pay more attention in class. LOL! Other than that, T5 management paper is also a damn killer paper (not like we didn’t already see it coming). CSB classes are HILARIOUS. Also, presentation due in 4 weeks!!

MORAL STUDIES ARE EXTERMELY BORING. I feel almost (ALMOST) guilty that I don’t even pay attention during Moral. Because it’s basically worse than T5 classes. There’s just all these weird technical moral terms and clearly, it bores me to death. I feel so sorry because the lecturer is a really nice, sweet-looking person. BUT I REALLY CAN’T STAND LEARNING THE SUBJECT. Also, group presentation must be done. EEEP!

Other than that, I’m totally loving college! Especially with the group of people I hang out with. For our second semester, our gang are now sitting together in class, so the craziness gets even worse XD Also, Amanda, our beloved class rep becomes even lamer with each day passing by, LMAO! And our class is probably known as the craziest intake ever this year because our CSB lecturer tells us so. Haha! And our class is also very serious in...GAMING. During breaks, you’ll see people playing racing car games on their handphones and competing with each other and it gets wild. And some of them play cards. And my gang of people would take turns to play my iPod Touch, LOLOL!

But life’s good (: Progress Test 1 in 2 weeks! And assignments/presentations due next month or so. Hopefully everything will work out smoothly!
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Jasmine Kok
10 July 2010 @ 03:44 pm

Sometimes, I'm just tired of waiting. 

I need to learn how to let go, accept reality and move on.  

I can't always be waiting forever. 
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Jasmine Kok
03 July 2010 @ 01:56 am
So today marks the last weekend of holiday I'm getting before I head back to college aka reality. Overall, my holidays were filled with lazying around after a busy first term in college with studying and exams (have I mentioned we have tests every 2 weeks back then?!).

Well, I would've blogged more during the holidays but I ended up spending my first week of holidays by watching KOREAN DRAMAS. Well, no thanks to Wei Kin who got me hooked to Cinderella’s Sister! Seriously, an episode of that show was more depressing than watching a combination of depressing episodes of American TV shows. And Wei Kin & I would have random commentaries on MSN while watching each episode of CS. Mainly there were all “OMG GO DIE YOU WOMAN” and “OMGGG DAMN EMO THIS PART”. Oh, the drama of watching Korean shows. And later that week, I started watching Pasta and I really enjoyed that show. Total contrast to CS and it was filled with hilarious moments! Worth watching too.

Then, by the end of the week, we decided to go to Fraser’s Hill as per usual we do every year. It’s like a family tradition to go there every year and it’s basically my family’s second home. Not as exciting as Genting or as lively as Cameron, but it’s a good place to just get away from civilisation and enjoy the cool weather (: This time, it was pretty cooling up there and it wasn’t raining so often. Also, we spent both nights watching FIFA World Cup, not to mention England was playing that night and they lost. Imagine how upset my dad was, lol.

So after we returned, I was back to being a coach potato at home. And I mean literally, because all I do most of the time is sit on my couch and watch Astro the entire day! GOD BLESS THE CREATION OF FOX CHANNEL AND AXN HD CHANNEL!!! Seriously, I religiously watch Fox Channel and AXN HD everyday now and sometimes Star World. Fox Channel has the BEST TV SHOWS EVER. Eg: NCIS (omgomgomgomg!), Bones (omgomgomg!), The Simpsons, Family Guy, Modern Family, Lie to Me.

And then there’s AXN HD! Of course I don’t really give a damn anymore about CSI: LV ever since Grissom left and CSI: Miami ever since they almost changed half of the cast. THANK GOD FOR CSI: NY. Seriously, that’s the only one left which actually interests me with the whole team still intact and the cuteness of Danny/Lindsay/Lucy. And of course, there’s Leverage and House MD and NCIS: LA. ALL IN HIGH DEFINITION. And since we have Byond PVR which enables recording, it was the cherry on the top :D

So back to reality. We just got our timetable yesterday from the Sunway website and as anticipated, SUPER HECTIC. Classes everyday and there are days which our classes are from 8am till 6.15pm. And Moral Studies every Friday morning at 8am (seriously ppl, why MORNING?! I’ll be half asleep while in the auditorium listening to lecturer). But we’ll be given a chance to do charity work, so I’m looking forward to do that too!

We also have CSB (Communication Studies in Business) classes every Thursday while I think will be fun :D I think it’s like English classes, so we’ll be given a chance to do presentations and assignments. So that’s a good break from all the usual studying (:

Also, thankfully we got back the same lecturers for 2 of our upcoming papers! Mr Jana will be teaching us T6 (Drafting Financial Statements) and Mr Bill will teach us T5 (Managing People and Systems). For our T3 and T4, we’ll be getting new lecturers, so I hope that goes well (:

Alright, this is becoming a longer post than I expected. Hope everyone is doing great!
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Jasmine Kok
27 June 2010 @ 10:17 am

 Won't be around for the next few days! Going off for a holiday since it's my 2 weeks break from college :D 

Have a lovely week, everyone! Stay safe! 
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Jasmine Kok
13 June 2010 @ 01:30 am

So it’s June already! How fast time flies. Today, I sat for Mock Exam and it was a really crucial exam for all of us. We needed an average of 60 marks from PT1, PT2 and Mock to be able to sit for our real exam this coming Saturday. Most of us made it through but they were a few who didn’t :( It’s really sad because our whole class is like a family now and losing anyone of us would be difficult.

I love my classmates. It’s amazing how only a month plus of knowing each other and we’re already close to each other. I’ve also discovered our new found group called “The Chicken Rice Group” which consists of me, Amanda, Liyana, Wei Kin, Eugene and Ming Jet! We all got to know each other better on one fine day when we had chicken rice for lunch, haha! Actually, we usually go out for lunch with our entire class (sounds crazy right?!), but on that day, the 6 of us left class earlier than anyone else and we ended up eating chicken rice in a nearby shop. Then, we yakked and suddenly, we’re a groupie :)  We also had study group sessions this week in the library and we ended up studying like from morning till evening. Also, of course, we ended up yakking a lot and cracking up lame jokes and creating a new name for Wei Kin! He’s now called Bobby which stands for something, but will not be revealed here XD We even break into one of the unused classrooms in college to study in the evening because someone stole our spot in the library! We were really a crazy bunch of people and I really have so much fun with them :D

Also, not forgetting Pei Ying who is such a sweetheart friend in class! She’s like super adorable and me, Liyana and Amanda always disturb her in class, hehe! :) We also eat snacks in class cause sometimes we need to stay awake when we have morning classes, LOL. But she’s a really nice person and very adorable! :D

I'm really thankful for the people I've met here so far. Thank you guys for everything! ♥
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Jasmine Kok
22 May 2010 @ 06:49 pm

So it's been almost a month since I started college and things have been going great and better than I imagined :) I've met more new friends and got closer to them. I love my lecturers and so far, I'm loving what I'm studying and I think that's what important because you can't be driven if you don't have the liking for it. At first, I fear that being being a 'banana' (also known as a Chinese who doesn't know how to speak Chinese) would be a problem since 75% of my class can speak Chinese, LOL! But eventually, you learn how to mix with people and that doesn't become an obstacle :) Also, I've met a fellow 'banana' classmate (yeah, I'm talking about you, Wei Kin!!) and now we're basically good friends since we have common grounds :D 

My exams are 3 weeks from now and I have an upcoming Progress Test next week! It's my second one since we had our first one 2 weeks ago. Didn't fair too bad in my first test and I was happy with my results given I didn't take accountancy for SPM (only did it in Form 4). I scored 88% for my T1 paper and 80% for T2 paper. T2 was so much harder than T1 since it was all technical stuffs and computer terms, even the highest mark in our class was only 84%. T1 was more to calculating and basic accounting, so that was alright :)

In other non-related college news, JPA results were out yesterday. And as I expected, I didn't get it and I'm not appealing :) Wasn't upset about it since it was predictable given my results are barely comparable to other students who get straight A+ for SPM. But nevertheless, the interview was a great experience and I didn't regret trying out :) Also, congrats to anyone who got it and all the best in your future undertakings! :) None of my collegemates got it too, so looks like no one will be leaving us, YAY! :D 

Also, I would like to take the time to say thank you so much to Yuenmay who has been such a great companion in my first month in college. She always force me to crash at her place because she claims to be lonely at home, hahah! But her family has been nothing but super welcoming and lovely to me. Yuenmay even claims that her place is my second home now :) And I appreciate it so much. SO THANK YOU DARLING! 
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