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Jasmine Kok
17 January 2011 @ 07:29 pm

So yet another random blog post from me (: Yeah, it’s just one of those days where my mind goes into that thinking mojo and reminiscing on certain things. Actually a random topic came up today in college and on my way back to hostel, I couldn’t help but think about the past and smile a little (: It’s been a while since I wrote something very personal about myself, but I hope this post can be somewhat of an inspiration to some people (yes Geraldine, I hope you read this!)

For those who knew me since 2007, you would probably remember about Justin (: And well, if you didn’t know me by then, to make things simple here, he was my boyfriend. At the age of 15 that time, I guess I could say I was naive to believe things like this would even last long enough. It was hard to cope with how I felt after things ended between us and how we lost the friendship we once had. In fact, we’re still friends now, but we only go as far as saying hi and bye to each other. I wouldn’t lie, but I think this part of my life was one of the few things that I learnt the most from.

As I go back through my old posts in 2007 & 2008, I realized how much this affected me back then. But now as I’m already 19 (trying to not make myself feel so old), I actually enjoyed looking back at the “me” back then & seeing how much I learnt to deal with sadness and heartbreak (: I’ve watched my friends gone through the same thing, some even worse than what felt. But I think what matters the most is how time has taught all of us to move on from the past (: And I’m glad that what happened between me and Justin DID happen, because it’s something I can actually look back on and remind myself.

Well this year and entering into Semester 2 of my course, I realized that some things might have changed, maybe for the better, and maybe for the worse. Let’s just say that certain things are inevitable and even after all the promises you might have made back then when you started college, there are some promises that are meant to be broken (: Things HAPPEN, you don’t ASK them to. Fate has a funny way of making life so interesting and also somewhat torturous. You don’t question the Universe for the things that happened; you simply have to embrace them and find an alternative to make the best out of it (:

“Time and patience” & “Don’t take things seriously”

Two of my very good friends told me this earlier of the year and both phrases are something which I remind myself on a daily basis (: Kinda almost like my two 2011 new year’s resolutions which I need to hold on to. One of my weaknesses of all time is definitely taking things too personal, which may also be the reason for the fallout back in 2007. And I guess this is something I have to change about myself and learn to be not so attached to certain things (: It’s like getting rid of an addiction, but I guess I need to start somewhere right? xD

As for time and patience, I’ve learnt to make the best out of everything so far (: Just like one of the Season 5 Bones episode, there was a quote which I really liked which goes “Sometimes you just have to settle for second best”. And it’s true. Life doesn’t always let you get what you want, but at least you have something to be happy about every day. So why not just enjoy it while we can, right? :D

AND THIS HAVE BEEN A LONG, TIRING POST TO WRITE. But I’m glad I got it out there. It has been something I’ve been meaning to write since last year but never had the motivation enough to do it.

I hope everyone has been well! (:
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