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30 December 2010 @ 04:12 pm
383 Thankful for 2010  

So it’s finally that time of the year where this post would start explaining how 2010 has been another year full of memories and experiences. I had my fair share of ups and downs, good and bittersweet memories, some gains and some losses in my life.

Earlier back this year, I was just one of those people who lazed around at home after their SPM examination and doing what I do best; watching TV shows! It was also earlier this year where I started watching NCIS and got so hooked to it that I ended up watching every episode of every season :D Then around Feb 2010, I took up my FIRST ever part-time job in an office. Although it was a very mundane job and I hated how I have to work from 8-5, the experience of working was great and of course, the pay I received was very rewarding! Finally, for the first time, I have earned some money by myself.

By March 2010, my SPM results were out and I was very satisfied with my results although it wasn’t a straight perfect score (: I was also offered an interview by JPA scholarship and it was an amazing experience, eventhough in the end I didn’t get through. I think one of the greatest thing during this period was how DIFFICULT it was to start making choices on the path you want to take. I was still at crossroads and at that time, I didn’t have a passion for anything, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future. After so many arguments and debating, I finally settled for accountancy (which ironically I didn’t even take this subject for SPM). And up till now, it was a decision I’ve never regretted (:

Yes, everyone was sceptical at first, even I was! But after 8 months of studying, I realized that maybe THIS is what I really want to do after all.

And anything up from April 2010 till now would be my college life. The new world which I stepped into after high school. It was kinda tough at first, with knowing no one at all in your same class. But after a month or so, things happen, whether you would call it fate or by chance, I’ve met some of the most AMAZING people in my class. Classmates who turned into best friends who’ve you NEVER thought you would have while you’re here. And looking back on all this now, I cannot even say how thankful I am to have met these people along the way.


To God, THANK YOU for everything that I’m blessed with up till now. I’ve always believed that You would pave me the right way and every next step that I take. To my family, thank you for all the endless support and love throughout the year and always being there for me. Eventhough we have our disagreements, thank you for always respecting my decisions.

To Yuenmay, you definitely deserve a dedication on your own. THANK YOU for being there for me on my first few weeks of college. For pretending to be a student for my course and attending orientation with me. For being there with me at my weakest moments, even when I cried and you heard me out at your house. For all the times we would sing out loud in your car and late at night, we would talk about our issues (:

To my “college family”, Amanda, Liyana, Eugene, Wei Kin, Ming Jet, Jay Shen, Kok Weng, Shuey. LOL, where do I even begin with this?!

To Amanda, you are the most hyper girl I’ve met and LAME at most times, but a day without you around would make a huge difference because you always bring laughter to all of us! To Liyana, you are such a gifted person who can sing so well! I wish that someday, someone out there will realize what a talent you have and make your dreams come true!

To Eugene, you are without a doubt the craziest, out-of-control guy in our family (besides Amanda of course!). And I always envy how you can play the piano and guitar so well AND SING! And also, thank you for all the random shouting in class for no reason XD To Wei Kin, you and I may share a lot of common interests, but you still annoy me to the core on a daily basis! But behind all that annoyance, I know you’re a nice guy who has the best interest of everyone around you (:

To Ming Jet, oh gosh, hahaha! Thinking about you makes me think about Pokemon! Thank you for the times we had talking about Pokemon and playing it on our comps! It’s nice to relive some of our childhood memories! To Jay Shen, you will forever be the one who I argue & debate a lot with and compete with each other on accountancy questions! You’re such a smartass who knows the answer to everything and rub it in all our faces :P

To Kok Weng, the one who shares half of my surname and my so called half brother, hahah! Thank you for being VERY LAME most of the time! And you’re so good in memorizing facts that I envy you! To Shuey, thank you for the time you drove us all out in your car and put up with our craziness! You’re another talented musician in our group, so hope to see more from you!

To the rest of my college friends and hostel buddies (Pei Ying, Eevy, Serene, Chen Ni). THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! *HUGS* You made college so enjoyable and a wonderful experience for me! Also a huge thanks to all my lecturers who gave me great guidance throughout the year!

To all my LJ friends who actually keeps up with my blog, thank you for putting up my random ramblings! Thank you for even just dropping by and checking on me, I appreciate it a lot! THANK YOU! *HUGS*

To the 7’s (Joyce, Katherine, Geraldine, Kumuta, Jane and Weeru), we all may have gone into separate paths, but I still miss all the times we had together back in high school! :’) I hope that all of you guys are doing well wherever you guys are at!

So here I am, thinking about how this year may have been amazing in many different ways although there were some rough patches. But I wouldn’t have change a single thing about it (:
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(Anonymous) on December 30th, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC)
it was touch,jasmine=)..wish we all have a great year=3 xoxoxo peiying