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Jasmine Kok
30 January 2011 @ 10:46 pm

First up, HELLO HOLIDAYS! Currently on my Chinese New Year holiday break, WOOHOO! Of course, with holidays, there must always be homework D: Ugh, too lazy to even start on them, but hopefully I’ll get there soon enough.

So main purpose of this blog post! :D As you can see above, CRIMINAL MINDS! I can happily say that this show has been added into my super long list of TV shows addiction as of now. I can still remember that around this time LAST YEAR, I was so hooked to NCIS. I had my crazy NCIS marathon last year in January which I ended up watching all 7 seasons of it :D

Anyway, I seriously have a thing for criminology shows. But Criminal Minds is definitely something interesting for me (and I must applaud CBS for creating amazing crime shows including NCIS of course!). Not gonna lie, at first, I was definitely sceptical about the idea of this show, I had watched a few episodes few years back and while I DID find it intriguing, I never stayed long enough on the show to know how it progressed.

Fortunately enough, thanks to FOX Channel on Astro, I’ve managed to start watching a few more episodes and I thought “Hey, this isn’t so bad after all!”. Also, added with Wei Kin dumping Season 5 episodes into my external harddrive, THE TEMPTATION TO WATCH HAS PRESENTED ITSELF :O Seriously, during the December holidays, the current shows were all on hiatus and I had nothing else to watch, so knowing me being a TV addict....I had to watch SOMETHING.

And next thing you know, I was completely hooked to it. Like I’m talking hard-core watching, non-stop marathon. Definitely a thumbs-up in my books of crime shows :D

Pros: Incredibly unique cases, enough said. If you think trying to catch a killer by studying how they think is intriguing, the cases in every episode is even more intriguing. I would have to applaud the screenwriters for coming up with so many different types of scenarios which is all unique in every episode. I mean, you might have wonder, “Isn’t it all like serial killers, rapists, kidnappers etc? How much different can it be?” . And THAT is where Criminal Minds owns it all. I’m baffled at every episode they aired, covering various grounds in so many different ways; each different from the previous episodes.

And most importantly, team dynamics. Nothing describes a show better than the team in charge. I’m just gonna put it out there and say, DAMNNNN. AARON HOTCH MAKES A GOOD TEAM LEADER. He’s so ridiculously calm in every situation that it scares me, LOL! And I love Reid, the geek of the show (oh, how I love when there is always a geek in the show :D). And with the rest; Morgan, Garcia, Prentiss, Rossi; all of them just form this awesome team which kickass. I was really sad that JJ left the show, a grave mistake by the producers, seriously!


Cons: The only drawback to this show is how GORY, SCARY, DISTURBING IT CAN BE. Some of the episodes are literally like horror movies squeezed into 40 mins episodes! There are times where I had to shut my eyes in scenes that were too disturbing for me. Definitely not meant for the weak hearted.

AND THIS IS A RIDICULOUS LONG POST ON A TV SHOW. I tend to get really lengthy when talking about TV shows, so yeah.

And oh, Wei Kin takes full blame for this ridiculous long post since he kept bugging me to write about it :P It’s either he wants me to publicize this show OR because he used to tell me how epic it is & I never believed him, and this is probably him saying “HAH I TOLD YOU SO!”. Hahaha! But anyway, some well deserved credit shall go to him, because he contributed to the fact that I started watching it due to the endless nagging of him telling me to do so and dumping Season 5 & 6 episodes into my external EVEN WHEN HE WASN'T PERMITTED TO DO SO! Ass :P So yes, I shall admit wrong this ONE time, haha! In return, YOU SHOULD REALLY START WATCHING NCIS. Both are awesome shows :)  

But for what it’s worth, a great addition to your TV shows list if you’re looking for something new on criminology AND you do not mind the gore which comes along with it! :D
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Jasmine Kok
17 January 2011 @ 07:29 pm

So yet another random blog post from me (: Yeah, it’s just one of those days where my mind goes into that thinking mojo and reminiscing on certain things. Actually a random topic came up today in college and on my way back to hostel, I couldn’t help but think about the past and smile a little (: It’s been a while since I wrote something very personal about myself, but I hope this post can be somewhat of an inspiration to some people (yes Geraldine, I hope you read this!)

For those who knew me since 2007, you would probably remember about Justin (: And well, if you didn’t know me by then, to make things simple here, he was my boyfriend. At the age of 15 that time, I guess I could say I was naive to believe things like this would even last long enough. It was hard to cope with how I felt after things ended between us and how we lost the friendship we once had. In fact, we’re still friends now, but we only go as far as saying hi and bye to each other. I wouldn’t lie, but I think this part of my life was one of the few things that I learnt the most from.

As I go back through my old posts in 2007 & 2008, I realized how much this affected me back then. But now as I’m already 19 (trying to not make myself feel so old), I actually enjoyed looking back at the “me” back then & seeing how much I learnt to deal with sadness and heartbreak (: I’ve watched my friends gone through the same thing, some even worse than what felt. But I think what matters the most is how time has taught all of us to move on from the past (: And I’m glad that what happened between me and Justin DID happen, because it’s something I can actually look back on and remind myself.

Well this year and entering into Semester 2 of my course, I realized that some things might have changed, maybe for the better, and maybe for the worse. Let’s just say that certain things are inevitable and even after all the promises you might have made back then when you started college, there are some promises that are meant to be broken (: Things HAPPEN, you don’t ASK them to. Fate has a funny way of making life so interesting and also somewhat torturous. You don’t question the Universe for the things that happened; you simply have to embrace them and find an alternative to make the best out of it (:

“Time and patience” & “Don’t take things seriously”

Two of my very good friends told me this earlier of the year and both phrases are something which I remind myself on a daily basis (: Kinda almost like my two 2011 new year’s resolutions which I need to hold on to. One of my weaknesses of all time is definitely taking things too personal, which may also be the reason for the fallout back in 2007. And I guess this is something I have to change about myself and learn to be not so attached to certain things (: It’s like getting rid of an addiction, but I guess I need to start somewhere right? xD

As for time and patience, I’ve learnt to make the best out of everything so far (: Just like one of the Season 5 Bones episode, there was a quote which I really liked which goes “Sometimes you just have to settle for second best”. And it’s true. Life doesn’t always let you get what you want, but at least you have something to be happy about every day. So why not just enjoy it while we can, right? :D

AND THIS HAVE BEEN A LONG, TIRING POST TO WRITE. But I’m glad I got it out there. It has been something I’ve been meaning to write since last year but never had the motivation enough to do it.

I hope everyone has been well! (:
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Jasmine Kok
08 January 2011 @ 12:42 pm


YAY! Can't believe I'm officially 19 this year already :D Yes it does make me feel older than everyone else because my birthday is always so early! Had a great birthday outing with my college friends on the 4th and 5th of January; we went for movie on the 4th & lunch and ice skating on the 5th :) A shoutout thanks to Amanda, Liyana, Eugene, Wei Kin, Ming Jet, Jay Shen, Kok Weng and Shuey for making my birthday an amazing one! Even though this is my first time celebrating it out of home, spending it with you guys still made me a very happy birthday girl :) :) Thank you for the birthday cake and the birthday gift!

And of course, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ELSE who wished me too, whether by calling, texting, Facebook messages, LJ posts; THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! :D It means a lot to me even with a simple wish, so thank you so much! :) :)

Well, college started earlier this week, which is also why I haven't got the time to do a proper update on LJ ever since my New Year's post. New classes, new lecturers, new papers! I've to admit that I might actually like this semester's papers because it's different from the concept we've learnt so far. And the lecturers are amazing, so I think this semester should be really interesting :)

Well, I have to dash for lunch now, so I hope everyone had a great first week of 2011! :D TAKE CARE!
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Jasmine Kok
01 January 2011 @ 08:34 pm

Hopefully 2011 will prove to be a better year than the last although 2010 has seemed to be an epic year for me :) Well, 2011 did start well today, so I hope that it will be a great start to a new year!

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Jasmine Kok
30 December 2010 @ 04:12 pm

So it’s finally that time of the year where this post would start explaining how 2010 has been another year full of memories and experiences. I had my fair share of ups and downs, good and bittersweet memories, some gains and some losses in my life.

Earlier back this year, I was just one of those people who lazed around at home after their SPM examination and doing what I do best; watching TV shows! It was also earlier this year where I started watching NCIS and got so hooked to it that I ended up watching every episode of every season :D Then around Feb 2010, I took up my FIRST ever part-time job in an office. Although it was a very mundane job and I hated how I have to work from 8-5, the experience of working was great and of course, the pay I received was very rewarding! Finally, for the first time, I have earned some money by myself.

By March 2010, my SPM results were out and I was very satisfied with my results although it wasn’t a straight perfect score (: I was also offered an interview by JPA scholarship and it was an amazing experience, eventhough in the end I didn’t get through. I think one of the greatest thing during this period was how DIFFICULT it was to start making choices on the path you want to take. I was still at crossroads and at that time, I didn’t have a passion for anything, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future. After so many arguments and debating, I finally settled for accountancy (which ironically I didn’t even take this subject for SPM). And up till now, it was a decision I’ve never regretted (:

Yes, everyone was sceptical at first, even I was! But after 8 months of studying, I realized that maybe THIS is what I really want to do after all.

And anything up from April 2010 till now would be my college life. The new world which I stepped into after high school. It was kinda tough at first, with knowing no one at all in your same class. But after a month or so, things happen, whether you would call it fate or by chance, I’ve met some of the most AMAZING people in my class. Classmates who turned into best friends who’ve you NEVER thought you would have while you’re here. And looking back on all this now, I cannot even say how thankful I am to have met these people along the way.


To God, THANK YOU for everything that I’m blessed with up till now. I’ve always believed that You would pave me the right way and every next step that I take. To my family, thank you for all the endless support and love throughout the year and always being there for me. Eventhough we have our disagreements, thank you for always respecting my decisions.

To Yuenmay, you definitely deserve a dedication on your own. THANK YOU for being there for me on my first few weeks of college. For pretending to be a student for my course and attending orientation with me. For being there with me at my weakest moments, even when I cried and you heard me out at your house. For all the times we would sing out loud in your car and late at night, we would talk about our issues (:

To my “college family”, Amanda, Liyana, Eugene, Wei Kin, Ming Jet, Jay Shen, Kok Weng, Shuey. LOL, where do I even begin with this?!

To Amanda, you are the most hyper girl I’ve met and LAME at most times, but a day without you around would make a huge difference because you always bring laughter to all of us! To Liyana, you are such a gifted person who can sing so well! I wish that someday, someone out there will realize what a talent you have and make your dreams come true!

To Eugene, you are without a doubt the craziest, out-of-control guy in our family (besides Amanda of course!). And I always envy how you can play the piano and guitar so well AND SING! And also, thank you for all the random shouting in class for no reason XD To Wei Kin, you and I may share a lot of common interests, but you still annoy me to the core on a daily basis! But behind all that annoyance, I know you’re a nice guy who has the best interest of everyone around you (:

To Ming Jet, oh gosh, hahaha! Thinking about you makes me think about Pokemon! Thank you for the times we had talking about Pokemon and playing it on our comps! It’s nice to relive some of our childhood memories! To Jay Shen, you will forever be the one who I argue & debate a lot with and compete with each other on accountancy questions! You’re such a smartass who knows the answer to everything and rub it in all our faces :P

To Kok Weng, the one who shares half of my surname and my so called half brother, hahah! Thank you for being VERY LAME most of the time! And you’re so good in memorizing facts that I envy you! To Shuey, thank you for the time you drove us all out in your car and put up with our craziness! You’re another talented musician in our group, so hope to see more from you!

To the rest of my college friends and hostel buddies (Pei Ying, Eevy, Serene, Chen Ni). THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! *HUGS* You made college so enjoyable and a wonderful experience for me! Also a huge thanks to all my lecturers who gave me great guidance throughout the year!

To all my LJ friends who actually keeps up with my blog, thank you for putting up my random ramblings! Thank you for even just dropping by and checking on me, I appreciate it a lot! THANK YOU! *HUGS*

To the 7’s (Joyce, Katherine, Geraldine, Kumuta, Jane and Weeru), we all may have gone into separate paths, but I still miss all the times we had together back in high school! :’) I hope that all of you guys are doing well wherever you guys are at!

So here I am, thinking about how this year may have been amazing in many different ways although there were some rough patches. But I wouldn’t have change a single thing about it (:
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Jasmine Kok
24 December 2010 @ 02:23 pm

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE TO ALL MY LJ FRIENDS! Today always mark another event for me aside from Christmas Eve, and that would be my 4th LJ anniversary! :D I started my journal here back in Dec 24th 2006 and I'm proud to say it's another year older. It's always good to go back and look through my older journal entries and sometimes humor myself with the stuffs I wrote back when I was 15, 16 etc. LOL! All the dramas and heartbreak and of course, good memories :) Speaking about older, can't believe I'm turning 19 in 2 weeks! Time seriously flies and I'm not sure if it's a good thing that my birthday is always so early of the year! This always make the oldest among all of my friends (and not that it actually makes me wiser anyway!).

So what are your Christmas plans?! Well today on Christmas Eve, I'll be going down to my cousin's place to stayover the night and go to the church the following morning :) And on Christmas night, both our families will have a BBQ dinner in their house porch and later on exchange Christmas gifts! :D Also, today's weather is seriously scorching hot! Damn, I suddenly wish it would snow here, hahaha! Speaking of snow, I hope you're doing alright in England shi_ern , I heard that the weather in Europe is really bad with the heavy snow and the time where Heathrow Airport had to be shut down for a while D: Also, shoutout to Liyana who's on holiday in England now! :D Hope you have a lovely winter Christmas there! 

And to all my friends and anyone who reads my blog, MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE! I hope your day will be filled with a lot of joy and enjoy yourselves with your plans for the day! A great day of giving and sharing with your family and friends and loved ones :D
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Jasmine Kok
16 December 2010 @ 11:54 am

After endless weeks of studying and staying up late every night, I'm finally done with this semester's finals!! Overall, the entire thing was alright and I hope I can pass all my papers for this sem. Sitting for finals reminded me so much of SPM because we had to sit in this huge hall with all the invigilators, which was pretty scary! And I also want to apologize for not keeping in touch with my LJ community and friends especially shi_ern and [info]aries11 ! I've been refraining myself from LJ ever since my last update due to my finals, but all is good now! I hope everyone is doing great with Christmas around the corner! :D Can't wait to catch up with you all!

Also, I just came back from my holiday trip with my family which was right after finals, so that's why I'm only back home today. I had the most enjoyable trip ever, and I couldn't be more glad with how blessed I am! We managed to travel to so many places in the country in a span of 4 days and it was truly amazing to see some of the places and how beautiful they are! 

Langkawi Island

Cameron Highlands


I'll probably be posting separate entries on my holiday trip instead of cluttering everything into one mega post! 

I have to go out for lunch soon, but just wanted to give a shout out to my big brother, Zachary who turns 21 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ANNOYING BROTHER! Although you are such a pain most of the time, but I'm glad I still have you as my big bro! :D

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Jasmine Kok
29 November 2010 @ 12:48 am
 Hello! Just a random quick update from me and a very short blog post!

I've been doing great so far, though I just recently fell sick a few days ago. The sickbug must be going around now especially because exams are around the corner! Speaking of which, MY FINALS IS NEXT WEEK!!! Can't wait for it to end, so that I can finally enjoy my 3 weeks holidays and getaway holiday with my family! :) In other news, apparently I also DID NOT FAIL MY MOCK PAPER!! Omg it was such a a huge relief! My lecturer somehow mistaken my marks or God knows how, but I did not fail my paper at all, YAY THANK GOD! :D But thank you to all for consoling me even when I thought I did, I really appreciate all the sweet comments! :) 

Well, it's past midnight here now and I need to head to college early tomorrow morning to study for my finals! Just wanted to keep everyone updated that I'm alright and I'll be back after my finals! :) 

Also, Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you!!! I'm thankful for my family, all my great friends and everything I've gained along the way. THANK YOU! :D I hope everyone is doing great too! 
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Jasmine Kok
05 November 2010 @ 03:44 pm

So I've been back in college the past few days, hence explaining my mini absence from blogging. Also, temporary hiatus from my TV meme until I get my next week break :D 

This week has got me into feeling a lot of mixed emotions and two of my very "firsts" event in my life.  

My first time doing something so crazy and exhilarating and also overcoming my slight fear of heights. So Tuesday outing with my half of my classmates was definitely enjoyable and exciting! We went for this SkyTrek Adventure which involves Flying Fox and other exhilarating activites, it was quite tiring but definitely a great experience! We were basically 17 metres up high and there was this crazy tall ladder which we had to climb, SO TIRING. And I hate ladders, haha. Thanks to Shuey for being the driver of the day and giving us a lift in your car :D

My first time failing a paper. On the very same day, I also found out that I failed one of my mock papers. Call it bad luck or something, but one of my lecturers coincidentally met us before our Tuesday outing and told me about it. Talk about being a mood ruiner or party pooper! I haven't seen my mock paper in actuality, but assuming what my lecturer said is true, then I've seriously failed my first paper ever. I'm wasn't sure how to feel, but it felt so upsetting. In any consolation, I could say that I've predicted to do bad in that paper, but to actually fail, it was like reality slapping me in the face. The fact that 50% of my class failed that paper too doesn't make things any better.

  To hold back such emotions on Tuesday before our outing, it was tough. I didn't want to ruin everyone's mood but at the same time, I needed to let out my frustration. So I called my mom and talked to her, thankfully it made me feel much better :) And luckily, half of the day I could keep my mind off it until I came back to the hostel. I wouldn't stop beating myself about how I failed and it was so mentally depressing, lol. Eventually, I told myself that I need to get over it and move on with life. So by Wednesday, I started feeling better and decided to move on pass the matter until I get back my paper in 2 weeks time :) And I'm thankful for the friends I have in college because they keep my mind off the depressing stuffs :D 
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Jasmine Kok
30 October 2010 @ 05:22 pm

Photo courtesy of Liyana's camera, taken by Jayshen & photo editing by me :)

Apart from the daily TV meme, it's time for some real update this week! 

So on Wednesday, I decided to take the train down to Subang Jaya from Seremban to meet with my college friends. Frankly, that's the first time I've taken a train all alone by myself and I'm glad I made it through without any complications or such :D So I took the express train at 6.30am and arrived at Subang station around 8.30am. Jayshen picked me up from the train station and went to Liyana's condominium to meet up with everyone else!

We booked the tennis court for 10am and when we arrived, there were 2 guys playing tennis (we assumed they were training tho). So we had to wait a while and we started hanging out at the playground outside the tennis court XD Amanda loves playground a lot, so she really enjoyed herself there, haha! :D After those guys left, our tennis match begins!

We brought both tennis and badminton racquets to play, but since we booked the tennis court only, we started off with tennis. We ran around the court twice as a warmup exercise (except WeiKin of course, geez!). Later we started playing doubles and it was me & Amanda against WeiKin & MingJet. After a few matches, we swapped places with the rest like Liyana, Eugene and JayShen. Apart from any usual tennis matches, we managed to lose 2 tennis balls thanks to me & WeiKin, lol! In two separate events, we accidentally hit the ball completely off the court! Other than that, some of them managed to play badminton in the same court while some of us continued playing tennis :P

After tennis, most of them went swimming and lunch later!! We ordered Domino's pizza and my God, ordering online was such a pain at first XD You had to go through registering so much details and stuff, lol. It was so much better ordering through phone. We ordered like one large pizza and two regular pizzas along with drinks and some chicken :D

After lunch, we started playing mahjong! Mahjong is this Chinese New Year traditional game which is very amusing. The concept is like playing cards, except that you use mini tiles to play with :) Most of them didn't know how to play mahjong, so WeiKin & Amanda mainly taught all of us how to play and the rules and such :D Eugene was the most successful in learning how to play and I love how Amanda told me that "training Eugene to play is like training a Pokemon", haha!

Later that evening, I left around 4.30pm because I had to take the train home before it reaches the peak hour. So Amanda dropped me off at the train station and thankfully I reached in time for the time! :D Such a miracle, haha. It was really packed and overcrowded in the train, but it was worthwhile because I had an awesome time with my friends! :D 
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